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There is greatness within you, dying to be unleashed. And make no mistake, it will die if it is not unleashed. Sometimes all it takes is one person to believe in you. Join me and begin the journey of unlocking your greatest self.
Have you ever wondered what would be possible for your life if you unlocked your potential and nothing held you back?
You are bound to be great and I’ll show you how to get there.


“No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training… what a disgrace it is to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which your body is capable.”


“All acts of genius begin with the same consideration: do not be constrained by your present reality”
-Leonardo da Vinci


He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures.
-Friedrich Nietzsche



“The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve, or another person to love — the more human he is, the more he actualizes himself.”
-Viktor Frankl


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”
-Mark Twain

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    Uncover the strength of your body through strength training and sustainable nutrition plans designed just for you. Push your physical limits through olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Learn how to reprogram your genes and harness your hormones to become stronger and leaner than you ever thought possible.

  • Connector.


    Invest in the strength of your mind and will by expanding your perspectives and deepening your understanding of the world. My “proactive therapy” will take you from good to great. Overcome laziness, self-doubt, negative thought patterns, and fear of the unknown through both classical and unique techniques designed to increase your self-efficacy and create an internal locus of control. Master decision making and learn to embrace anything life throws your way.

  • Connector.


    Realize the strength of true community. Mentors provide accountability, guidance, and the push you need to achieve your goals. Peers offer their shared experiences, motivation to persist, and will grow into life long friends. Purpose and growth is the key to true happiness: discover the strength of your passions and develop real skills to create a world for yourself and do what you love.

Steve is immensely passionate about what he does and his natural energy and enthusiasm is contagious and has helped to boost my confidence in and out of the gym. He took the time to listen to my fears, insecurities, and understood my needs while working with me to identify goals as part of my training. Each workout has been a physical and mental challenge as he pushes me to work harder and achieve more each day.

Steve treats me as an individual; applying a tailored program to achieve my goals, rather than applying a generic “one size fits all” approach. For me, it’s reassuring knowing that he truly understands my fitness abilities and ambitions, he gives me a motivational boost when he can see I am starting to doubt myself and reminds me of how far I’ve come.
With his continued guidance, my attitude has transformed from an unwillingness to try something new, to never backing down from a challenge
– Margot B

Before I found out about Steve’s program, I had no idea how to reach my goals. I knew I needed guidance but I didn’t know where to look. Through word of mouth I found out about his program and I decided to sign up. Not even a day later, Steve reached out to me and set me up with a highly tailored nutrition plan and workout schedule with detailed tips and technique instruction to get the most out of my workouts. I honestly cannot say enough about my experience thus far and am excited to see what Steve has in store for me next.

– Mike K

Before I started working with Steve a year ago, I struggled with chronic back pain and weak abs after two pregnancies. He was able to work around my pain, while at the same time diligently helped my back to get better. Had it not been for his help and patience, I am pretty sure I would have quit because until I met him I thought that working out was only making things worse. With his help, I went from being in pain almost daily to being able to work out several days a week with no pain at all. Thanks to Steve, my abs are back to their pre-pregnancy strength! I have worked with several personal trainers in the past and never stayed with any of them longer than a few months. I would usually get bored or let life get in the way of working out. Steve’s ability to keep me engaged in working out and making consistent progress has kept me motivated from the beginning. I am thrilled with the results! Steve is extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. He has a great understanding of how to help his clients, tailoring his approach to my individual needs. This has definitely been one of the best investments I have made in my overall health. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

– Debra P

My name is Steve Scott. I’m a trainer and competitive Olympic Weightlifter. Of course I want to be the best, but I will be happy if I can just become the best I can be, knowing I took advantage of all the opportunities I had. But more so than achieving my personal goals, helping others reach their potential is truly the greatest feeling for me. Not just in the world of physical fitness and strength either, I find so much happiness in helping someone grow into a person they are proud to be.

I’ve been doing this personally, one on one with my clients for years. But I realized I can only reach a relatively small number of people one on one with the 24 hours we have in a day. So I thought to make a website where I could reach so many more people. I hope to build a true and lasting relationship with every member. It is my goal for this site to be the catalyst that spurs you on to become the person you always knew you should be. I hope to motivate you to start and I want to continue to guide you along the way through the good days and the bad days. I want to provide that persistent push, that continual kick in the ass that we all need to keep going.

I think my life has uniquely positioned me to help others. Nothing has come easy, and I’ve always seemed to take the hardest road, but overcoming challenges is the greatest feeling and the greater the obstacle you must climb, the stronger you become. I seek to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. I strive for greatness in all areas of life and passion; to be the best that I can be in everything I do. And my main objective is to share with others both how I have succeeded and how I have failed in a hope to assist them on their own journey to becoming the greatest version of themselves possible.